From Idea to Realization – Artistic and Cultural Projects in International Context

WRO Art Center invited me to conceptualize a workshop series targeting students and cultural managers in Wrocław to build up skills which will support them in project realization in an international context.

Looking forward to leading it in IP Studio on 17 and 24 of April. More to it below:

In a two-day workshop, we will get to know how to create an environment for your international artistic and cultural work by taking a closer look at its building blocks. Doing so we will put a special attention on a text work in project descriptions, preparation of visual materials and portfolios. In a further step, we will plan partnerships and strategic participation in exhibitions and competitions. Lastly will set promotion patterns, network building habits and documentation tasks.

The workshop is directed to young professionals and students who are searching to start their independent work on international stage. Artists, curators and cultural managers are invited to join the activities by bringing to the table ideas and projects they are developing currently. The workshop will consist of presentations, Pecha Kucha, ideation and feedback sessions.

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