Residency Programs

By Andrzej Raszyk, 16. Januar 2016

Custom made, Modular, Subject driven

Realize your project in Berlin as an artist, curator or researcher with the support of a professional network and press coverage. Whether on behalf of a university, foundation or an artists’ association, you can craft a special program with the Berlin Sessions team to ensure the best results for your residency. All combined with curatorial feedback, text and video interviews, public presentations, talks or exhibitions.

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Residency Network Hub for Cultural Intermediaries Having collected experiences in organization of residency programs during long term cooperation with The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) I am really excited to participate in a new project - Residency Network Hub for Cultural Intermediaries starting with a kick off meeting next week in St. Petersburg. The core idea of the project is to cooperate between Barents regions and selected residenc...
New York It is time to reflect on the trip to NYC and set together quick notes on the places I could visit and people I had a pleasure to meet. This couple days were very effective but I am sure I have to come again. The image above comes from the collection of works by Pablo Helguera. Here the correct caption: Pablo Helguera, Artoons, 2008, Courtesy Jorge Pinto Books Inc. Friday/19.02. CENTRAL...