Taking it to the next level

By Andrzej Raszyk, 14. Juli 2015

What is Berlin Sessions? Past few years I have spent handling a wide range of very specialized requests, helping people find what they are looking for.

From setting up trips and itineraries for meetings around specialist topics, to mediating and organizing presentation opportunities and guiding researchers through Berlin. In view of the variety of experiences, and my own background in project making and residency program management, I feel that it is high time to bring these activities together under their own distinct label. That is how the Berlin Sessions came into the world.

The mission of Berlin Sessions is to offer specialised research programs and consulting services in the art and culture sector.

The activities are divided into three levels:

First, Consulting which includes field research, matching and mediation, concept development and project management.

If the researcher team would like to gain a better knowledge of the background for setting up a new project we offer short Study visits. Here we book meetings and prepare itineraries, provide guidance through the city and studio visits on request. Via our network we command a partner search and can arrange introductory face-to-face conversations.

Residencies are conducted exclusively with funding bodies such as universities, art councils, or foundations who, together with Berlin Sessions staff and selected applicants, draft aims and objectives of the program and are responsible for a successful finalization of the mobility program.

If you are interested in the project read more here.


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