The workshop has an aim to speed up and make easier a work of a cultural manager, curator and artist by consolidating a knowledge on online platforms.During the workshop we concentrate on activities of story telling, preparing specific content to selected target groups, audience building and audience growing, resources management and time optimization.

The workshop is divided into thematic blocks that contain both: introduction to the technical knowledge and provide strategies helpful in concept making phase. First we are drafting a new or existing story. Or we work on a given project to promote or organisation model to optimize. Next we are choosing a specific medium to be used. Each of the participants can propose a project to the group, speak about challenges and receive feedback.

Basing on the scheme of the project life time we will get to know tools that are needed to start, conduct and follow up successfully our idea. On the purpose of the workshop activities during the project lifetime are divided in 4 phases: CONVERSATION, PRESENTATION, MANAGEMENT, ARCHIVIZATION.

CONVERSATION concentrates on the attention catching and audience building (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetup, local networks)

PRESENTATION introduces a prepared material to the viewer in a new an interesting way with an attention on collaboration, co-creation and feedback collecting (Prezi, Booktype i Airtime /Sourcefabric/, Mailerlite, and thematic mailing lists)

MANAGEMENT activates relay on tools that ease communication management in social networks and data collecting (Hootsuite, Jotform, doodle, SurveyMonkey)

ARCHIVIZATION happens during and at the end of the project. It is a source of material for social networks, pulications, presentations, newsletters, portfolios and grant applications (WordPress, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youtube)

Max group size: 20 participants
Length: 3 to 6 hours
Last workshop: AgitPolska, Berlin (13.11.2015)
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[Image: Yoel Ben-Avraham]

15. January 2016