BE-Directional: Independent Art Spaces Networks in Conversation

By Andrzej Raszyk, 27. Juli 2014

BE-Directional: Independent Art Spaces Networks in Conversation. Brunch and presentation. In cooperation with Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin. [27.07.2014]

Berlinerpool and Non Berlin invited representatives of two similar but different art networks over a brunch table on Sunday 27th, 2014 to discover the networks’ commonalities or differences, aims and reasons of establishing, their ways of work, connect and act. The networks are called to existence because of the need. The need driven by either a political statement e.g. regarding the funding instruments, or a keen feeling and will to connect and support each other’s activities.

By building an excellence clusters, exchanging knowledge, sharing resources, creating, gaining on visibility, the network can be heard and noticed.


Nonprofit Art Spaces Network, Korea
Seo Sang Ho
Director of Space Bae, Busan, Korea

Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives Berlin
Matthias Mayer
Founder of Spor Klübü

Moderation: Andrzej Raszyk from director of Berlinerpool


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