Andrzej Raszyk is a cultural manager, producer and consultant in the creative field.

He is a founder of Berlin Sessions Residency Program. It is a platform conceived to offer personalized programs, curatorial expertise, network building and logistic support in the art sector to artists and cultural professionals.

His previous projects include programming and management of Berlinerpool Arts Network connecting 250 artists, curators and project spaces; publishing activities and development of information portal mondaynews – listing selected international opportunities for artist and cultural workers; curation of exhibitions in state galleries and art spaces in Germany.

Currently, he is preparing a Ph.D. proposal on the Impact of Online Platforms with Opportunities on Mobility and Employability in the Creative Sector. 


Raszyk started his career as a cultural manager by developing an artist in residence program ‘culturia’ ( The project was focused on the documentation of artistic process through the practice of notation and video interviews (2006-2014), shaped as cooperation with an artist Nuno Vicente.

Since 2009 he has been a director of the physical archive and a network of 250 artists, curators and project spaces ‘Berlinerpool Arts Network’ ( In 2012 Berlinerpool was distinguished by the Arts Council of City Berlin for its programming with a first Project Spaces and Art Initiatives Award  (talks, exhibitions, workshops, services). The team of Berlinerpool consisted of Paz Ponce, serving as a curator and Aleksandra Pronina, cultural manager.

In the years 2009-­2014 Raszyk was a publisher of a weekly updated online platform ‘mondaynews’ ( As an editor and a copywriter, he provided information on international open­-calls for cultural workers, in time growing the mailing list to 13.000 regular readers and 20000 monthly page views.

He is a founder of “Berlin Sessions Residency Program” ( that proposes a personalized approach for rooting the resident in Berlin art landscape (consulting, networking and groundwork for project presentation). Detailed residency programs are developed in cooperation with both, nominating organizations and selected artist. Projects are financially backed by single-term or long-term co-operation with partner institutions.

For a period of two years (2015-2016) he worked as a consultant for culture, higher education and promotion strategies in the Department of Public Diplomacy and Culture at the Polish Embassy in Berlin.

Andrzej Raszyk graduated from Comparative Literature Program at the Faculty of Polish Literature Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice (2006). His master thesis is a comparative reading of novels by Stefan Grabiński and Edgar Allan Poe based on the theory of The Anxiety of Influence (H. Bloom). (
He lives and works in Berlin.

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