Series of events which has an aim to promote knowledge on project funding possibilities in the arts.

Cultural Mecenat as Corporate Strategy
Alice Mrongovius, Drew Hammond,  Friederike von Reden, Norbert Schmidt
Concept and organization of the seminar by Madalina Puiu, Samuel Burke and Andrzej Raszyk


Management Concept of artist led space
Will Marshall and Will Strong, NewBridge Project/Newcastle, UK


A Funding Structure in the Making: Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production
İz Öztat


Cooperative Start-ups by Artists
Art and Tours/Stefania Migliorati and Photowerk Berlin/Norbert Wiesneth and winner of Degewo-Gründerpreis 2011 Material Mafia/ Katja von Helldorff

20. September 2012