RAM – Random Access Memory

RAM / Random Access Memory –
an art research project is a shift from a permanent state of saving to a permanent state of transmission.

RAM creates an environment using reconfiguration, memory testing, visualization, research, transforming, transmitting and linking stored data information.

RAM creates and recreates new data and experimental ways of accessing. RAM is aware of the outside and the context. RAM claims freedom for coincidental associations and encounters. RAM is an art research project with an open end.

Further investigations through performance, video/film screenings, lectures, presentations, soundscapes have a focus on memory collecting/tracking/tracing/mapping and data – reconfiguration/visualization/decoding.

RAM is a project by Tatjana Fell & Andrzej Raszyk

Ram Presentations includes artists and curators:
Eleonora Farina (I) Jonathan Gray (UK) Nanako Nakajima & Kosil-Ja (JAP) Filippo Berta (I) Margaret Holz (D) Seçil Yaylali & Eden Ünlüata (TR) Marisa Benjamim (PT) Yourie Ido (JAP) Ozan Adam (TR) Viviana Alcalde (E) Nancy Atakan (TR) Bryn Chainey (AUS) Tatjana Fell (D) Nuno Vicente (PT) Özlem Sulak (TR) Oliver Möst (D) Bruno Di Lecce (I) Ewa Surowiec (PL) George Drivas (GR) Robert Curgenven (AUS) Andrea Coyotzi Borja (MEX) Rebecca Agnes (IT) Brendan Goh (SG)

RAM is a production of arttransponder & Berlinerpool Arts Network

RAM is a cooperation with culturia & MicaMocaProjects (24.-26.06.2011, Venue: MicaMocaProject, Lindower Str. 22, 13347 Berlin)