Art Production beyond the Art Market?

As a director of Berlinerpool I was invited for an in-depth interview for IFSE on the subject of Artists Networks in Berlin, a study which is part of the publication Art Production beyond the Art Market?, edited by Karen van den Berg and Ursula Pasero, The Sternberg Press 2013.

“In our contribution to the edition, we analyze artist networks in Berlin, bringing together empirical research and observations on the ongoing discourse about the kinds of exchange systems and value attribution in the art field. Interviews with SupermarktCitizen Art Days and Berlinerpool give insights into the internal structures and logics of artist networks in Berlin. We develop a scheme of four types of artist networks along the lines of the intensity of their cooperation. Beyond understanding a network as platform for connection (type I) or support (type II), project-based cooperations (type III) and collectives (type IV) create collective artistic results, but also – and maybe most interestingly – open up opportunities for new forms and constellations of life and (artistic) work.” Quoted after IFSE

About the publication

Much evidence suggests that a fundamental reordering of artistic production and a transformation of the art field are about to take place. Heated debates have been sparked over new forms of work, public subsidies, and the expanding impact of the creative industries. Independent education programs, self-organized urban planning, artistic practices in the outer field of scientific research, and similar initiatives have unfolded over the last few years. This publication addresses this wide field, focusing on theoretical reflections and exemplary insights into alternative artistic working models. The anthology assembles expert studies and artists’ interviews, in order to reflect on new forms of practices that have been established beyond the exhibition-gallery nexus and hegemonic market activity. These strategies in particular are investigated concerning their selfimages, organizational structures, networks, and economies—and the potential for usurpation.

Edited by Karen van den Berg, Ursula Pasero
Texts by Karen van den Berg, Pascal Gielen, Ursula Pasero, John Roberts, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Kerstin Stakemeier, Hergen Wöbken and Friederike Landau, Ulf Wuggenig and Steffen Rudolph, Merav Yerushalmy; interviews with Hans Haacke, Pablo Helguera, Caroline Jones, Oliver Ressler, Christoph Schäfer, Gregory Sholette, Apolonija Šušteršič

September 2013, English
13.5 x 20.4 cm, 260 pages, 17 b/w ills., softcover
ISBN 978-3-943365-94-8