Structures, nets and roots

The oldest Artists’ Association in Berlin, Verein Berliner Künstler, invited me in April, 2015 with a lecture to be held at the University of Fine Arts in Gdańsk within the framework of the Project Horizons. During the talk I concentrated on a description of art and cultural projects stimulating Polish-German cooperation. Selected examples of current and past activities from the field where chosen in accordance the key – to spark new thinking models.

Not without the critical comments, I mentioned the need of re-defining and re-interpretation of known key words such as: city partnerships, transborder co-operation. I have proposed new assessment of old and well known formats: artist in residence programs, exchanges of exhibition and production spaces, research projects and travelling shows. To keep my talk informative I listed the sources of  mobility grants, introduced models working on the basis of barter or time banks, stressed the importance of knowledge recording, experience exchange and project archivization.

The aim of the lecture was not to speak only about examples of bi-lateral co-operation, but rather open the global perspective which often suggests solutions for local challenges. All with hope that the materials collected in preparations for the talk will carry a function of a small compass, listing of useful examples from variety of disciplines, aiming to inspire listeners to action.

The summary of the content will appear as a separate blog post. Feel free to have a look at the prezi presentation below.

Andrzej Raszyk (Berlin, 10.05.2015)