Slow portfolio viewing for curators

By Andrzej Raszyk, 19. September 2014

The invited audience are international curators who are searching to enrich their knowledge on artists and projects connected to Berlin. Via an open call we will gather 14 professionals visiting the city during the Berliner Art Week who will indicate beforehand the subjects of theirs research based on our contemporary art glossary. The Portfolio viewing presents matches with their working focus taking the shape of a slow research session, where curators are provided with materials of artists from our cooperational network (DE/KOR). In depth knowledge on artistic production with a Berliner/Asian accent, possibilities for exchange, connections and working relationships are ultimate goals pursued by this still/dynamic format. Event followed by networking lunch hosted by berlinerpool+NON Berlin as a foodback session to informally digest impressions with invited curators and artists from the networks.

Berlinerpool Arts Network & NON Berlin – Asian Contemporary Art Platform are hosting a slow portfolio viewing for curators as part of their cooperation project: “Still / Dynamic: a score in three movements”, taking place during the Berlin Art Week 2014 on our shared facilities at the Chausseestr.11 (Berlin-Mitte). Embedded in the stream of events within the Berlin Art Week, berlinerpool + NON Berlin curatorial proposal wants to offer an opportunity to decelerate the way in which international visitors encounter art by rephrasing it in slow motion.

Parallel to Berlin Art Week 2014 / 20.09

By Berlinerpool Arts Network & NON Berlin – Asian Contemporary Art Platform

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