Mapping Berlin Exhibition Walk-through

11. Juli 2017

Mapping Berlin: Collective Narration on Imaginary and Emergent Spaces 07.07.2017 – 12.08.2017 Galerie Wedding, Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst Müllerstraße 146 – 147 13353 Berlin »Mapping Berlin« is an exhibition and program of events where individually constructed systems of mapping space, time and urban history are showcased and discussed by eleven Berlin-based artists, extending an invitation […]

Rosenstadt Forst – Brücken denken

11. Juli 2017

In the framework of an exhibition „Brücken denken“ initiated and curated by Margret Holz I had a pleasure to give a short lecture about possibilities of realisation of Polish-German art projects. Exhibiting artists: Laure Catugier, Varda Getzkow, Grazyna Jaskierska, Kirsten Kötter, Zeynep Özkazanc, Janusz Orzepowski, Deborah S. Phillips, Lukasz Samsonowicz, Wojtek Skowron, beate maria woerz. On […]

Sencer Vardarman Demolished Quarters Berlin - Ausschnitt 100x120cm, 2017 Digital Print Mounted on Forex

Mapping Berlin. Collective Narration on Imaginary and Emergent Spaces

25. Juni 2017

Mapping Berlin is an exhibition and program of events where individually constructed systems for mapping space, time and urban history are showcased and discussed by eleven Berlin-based artists, extending an invitation to the public to participate in the making/editing/publication of a »Collective Memory Atlas« during the exhibition. How is the image of a city constructed? […]

Residency Network Hub for Cultural Intermediaries

26. November 2016

Having collected experiences in organization of residency programs during long term cooperation with The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) I am really excited to participate in a new project – Residency Network Hub for Cultural Intermediaries starting with a kick off meeting next week in St. Petersburg. The core idea of the project is to […]

In Boston for TransCultural Exchange

18. April 2016

Two clicks, if you move left from the center, it is me, somewhere at the back, trying to snap an image and capture the feeling of the opening gala of the TransCultural Exchange 2016 (super sharp effect of my tries is to see below). First of all I would like to express my gratitude to […]

New York

3. April 2016

It is time to reflect on the trip to NYC and set together quick notes on the places I could visit and people I had a pleasure to meet. This couple days were very effective but I am sure I have to come again. The image above comes from the collection of works by Pablo Helguera. […]

International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Expanding Worlds

13. Februar 2016

I am happy to share the news with you that I was invited as a moderator to TransCultural Exchange 2016 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Expanding Worlds in Boston to chair a panel on the topic of US based Residency Programs.

Cultural Consulting

18. Januar 2016

Field research, Matching and mediation, Concept development, Project management

Study visits

17. Januar 2016

Itineraries, Guidance, Studio visits, Network, Partner search

Residency Programs

16. Januar 2016

Custom made, Modular, Subject driven

WORKSHOP: Internet tools for cultural workers

15. Januar 2016

The workshop has an aim to speed up and make easier a work of a cultural manager, curator and artist by consolidating a knowledge on online platforms.

Wichrowate linie

13. Januar 2016

Tekst Wichrowate Linie. Stefana Grabińskiego lęk przed wpływem oparty jest na pracy magisterskiej powstałej pod kierunkiem prof. dr. hab. Aleksandra Nawareckiego, recenzowanej przez dr. hab. prof. UŚ  Ryszarda Koziołka w roku 2006.

Building identity across platforms

10. Januar 2016

Collecting experience over the years I have decided to smash it together and place it on one card. You can find here archived project as well as a new upcoming one. It has already proven handy when explaining what do I do. Click to enlarge on the avers and reverse below. [Image: Sage Ross]

A little more than an empty room. Artistic residencies and the laws of quantum physics

10. November 2015

On the kind invitation of Joanna Maria Turek, chairwoman of the Foundation for Public Space Research TU I will have a pleasure to deliver a short input during the conference in Warsaw on 26.11.2015. Please read more about the project below.

Accepted to Partner Forum Tandem Europe

14. August 2015

It seems I will be back in Milan again this year! Really happy to share with you the great news that my application was accepted to take part in the new Tandem Europe programme that will begin with the Partner Forum in Milan in mid-October.

Postcard from Italy

7. August 2015

On the road I need a break. The only line my mind was feeding me in the last months. Joggling between the new office position and independent activities, maintaining communication channels, putting forward new concepts and applications, running late for work meetings after the day job, slicing time for family and friends. You know it […]

Taking it to the next level

14. Juli 2015

What is Berlin Sessions? Past few years I have spent handling a wide range of very specialized requests, helping people find what they are looking for.

Structures, nets and roots

15. Mai 2015

The oldest Artists’ Association in Berlin, Verein Berliner Künstler, invited me in April, 2015 with a lecture to be held at the University of Fine Arts in Gdańsk within the framework of the Project Horizons. During the talk I concentrated on a description of art and cultural projects stimulating Polish-German cooperation. Selected examples of current and […]


12. März 2015

Conversation on permaculture, meaning re-generative, self maintained habitats and alternative life forms triggered by 3 guest speakers: 

The Trouble with being Human these days – Zygmunt Bauman

12. März 2015

‚We live in a world which no longer questions itself, which lives from one day to another managing successive crises, without knowing where it is going and without trying to plan the itinerary‘.

Collaborative Underground

17. Januar 2015

Collaborative Underground Party was an event for actors who understand production of art as a community- oriented activity.

Art Ownership in the Digital Age

17. Januar 2015

Perceptions on the art object, intellectual property, and data

Watering plan

13. Januar 2015

Forum for political discussion about funding, transparency and systems of care.

PFLEGEANWEISUNGEN. The art of living together

12. Dezember 2014

A botanical exhibition on the coevolution processes between a growing community of representative cultural organisms in Berlin, the conditions of the soil where contemporary art is produced and presented, and (eco) systems of care.

Slow portfolio viewing for curators

19. September 2014

The invited audience are international curators who are searching to enrich their knowledge on artists and projects connected to Berlin. Via an open call we will gather 14 professionals visiting the city during the Berliner Art Week who will indicate beforehand the subjects of theirs research based on our contemporary art glossary. The Portfolio viewing […]

The Grammar of the Independent Art Scene – Chapter #1 ART SPACES BERLIN / KOREA

10. September 2014

Asia Contemporary Arts Platform NON Berlin and Berlinerpool Arts Network present Chapter #1 ART SPACES BERLIN / KOREA – the first episode of a comparative study exercising the impressions of a preliminary research with gathered material from 7 selected art spaces invited by NON Berlin and Berlinerpool respectively. The public event takes the form of […]

BE-Directional: Independent Art Spaces Networks in Conversation

27. Juli 2014

BE-Directional: Independent Art Spaces Networks in Conversation. Brunch and presentation. In cooperation with Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin. [27.07.2014]

Mapping Contemporary Concerns

10. Juni 2014

Mapping Contemporary Concerns is a methodology that surpasses berlinerpool. It was born from the need to discuss current issues that are present in the berlin art context and to find a response in the art practice of berlinerpool members. MCC is a means for the berlinerpool archive to bring these current topics to the stage […]


18. Februar 2014

In conjunction with the open call for The Digital Resource Library, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, berlinerpool proposes a free admission two hours workshop on booktype open source software for collaborative editing and publishing.

Pola Dwurnik – GIRL ON CANVAS

30. Januar 2014

GIRL ON CANVAS is an artbook project by Pola Dwurnik about painting and its reception. It will show a new life of Dwurnik’s paintings, one completely uncontrolled by the artist life born in minds and hearts of over 30 various personalities, who wrote texts for the publication. The book will be both openly personal and […]

PERSONAL EXPRESSIONS – panel at Hertie School of Governance

12. September 2013

I had a pleasure to moderate a discussion with artists and fellows of Hertie School of Governance on the occasion of an exhibition opening Personal Expressions.

Art Production beyond the Art Market?

1. September 2013

As a director of Berlinerpool I was invited for an in-depth interview for IFSE on the subject of Artists Networks in Berlin, a study which is part of the publication Art Production beyond the Art Market?, edited by Karen van den Berg and Ursula Pasero, The Sternberg Press 2013. „In our contribution to the edition, we analyze […]


5. Juni 2013

culturia makers, Andrzej Raszyk & Nuno Vicente talk to Katrina Neumann about culturia’s program, what they are looking for in artists’ portfolio submissions, their own projects – mondaynews, berlinerpool, João Cocteau, and resources of the Berlin art scene.

Guest lecture

2. März 2013

A series of conversations with art professionals on a subject of archive and archiving practices.

Research tour Berlin | The NewBridge Project

13. Oktober 2012

The NewBridge Project, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK is an artist led studio and exhibition space committed to supporting and developing emerging practice.

Funding Arts

20. September 2012

Series of events which has an aim to promote knowledge on project funding possibilities in the arts.

At the Art Fair

20. September 2012

Berlinerpool Archive was invited by the Director of Berliner Liste to arrange a situation in the entrance to the fair which will allow the coming audience interact with the collected material.

RAM – Random Access Memory

1. November 2011

RAM / Random Access Memory is a shift from a permanent state of saving to a permanent state of transmission.